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Project Description


Kigali, Rwanda

Soleluna is a wonderfully situated Italian restaurant with  beautifully crafted terracotta and timber buildings with a simple and rustic character.

The project proposes development of the remainder of the site, retaining and enhancing the character of the restaurant by creating a ‘village’ of simple timber structures that climb the hill containing a pool a bar and a gastronomic shop.

On the opposite side of a new garden we propose new contemporary terraced buildings containing  a piano bar, training kitchens, apartments and office space. These buildings are proposed as timber beam structures with terracotta slab infill’s, stacked to evoke the wood yard that Dionigi, the owner once worked in. The buildings create a landscape of terraces, seeming to grow out of the garden. 

The central garden forms a dramatic entrance from the busy main street and ensures uninterrupted views from all of the spaces.