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Project Description

Kigali, Rwanda

In 2012 Peter and Tim with Toma Berlanda (ASA studio) instigated a successful visit and partnership in Rwanda between architectural students from the University of Arkansas, Kist and the city of Kigali. Research by the students into Rwandan urban and rural vernacular housing patterns was translated by the students into thesis projects for high density low costs housing on a typical urban sloping site. The concept was developed further by the University of Arkansas design centre in partnership with Peter and Tim – into a proposal entitled “Building neighbourhoods that build social and economic prosperity – Manual for a complete neighbourhood”. The proposal, which reinterprets the urban vernacular tapestry of houses arranged around small courtyards into a centrally located high density housing solution that allows for a mix of uses, self build and incremental growth. The project  has recently been awarded several prestigious Urban design awards – including the Congress for the New Urbanism, Grand Prize in 2013.