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Light Earth Designs offers an integrated Architectural, Urban Planning and Structural Design services specializing in sustainable technologies and sustainable communities.

Light Earth makes buildings that have great respect for the people of the world and our environment, drawing from the best lessons of the past to learn for the future.  Through our reading of history and culture we come to an approach that acknowledges that simplicity is more difficult than complexity, and more valuable. 


Imagine arriving at a future construction site, surveying the materials available, and designing with what’s at hand. This is the way we work. Wherever possible, we make use of local materials in construction and we use local knowledge, history and culture to inform our designs. Our designs and construction methods are often rooted in tradition, but updated for contemporary demands, so we work with craftsmen and craftswomen from each region where we build to realize our architectural designs. The process is always exciting, challenging, and rewarding; we learn a tremendous amount, and at the same time, teach new techniques to our construction teams.



Light Earth Designs proposes solutions to projects that respond to a wish to build in a green and socially responsible manner. Several pilot projects investigate the use of low carbon construction technologies that use locally sourced materials in an innovative way. Urban design projects explore how high density sustainable communities can be designed to respect the cultural iconography and spatial vernacular patterns.  Throughout every project there is an underlying architectural language, often inspired by  landscapes that speak of man existing in balance with nature.



Light Earth Designs is committed to designing, engineering and implementing sustainable and locally made building solutions. We have developed an innovative and award winning thin shell vaulting technology – a fusion of advanced structural analysis, architectural design with labour intensive, locally sourced material production offering a much needed solution to building sustainably in the developing world context. We have pioneered vaulting using locally made air dried hand pressed soil tiles, produced using local labour and is the only practice to date to successfully use this technology.