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Project Description

The Bowls Project

San Francisco, US

The Bowls project is an installation at the Yerba Buena Center for of Arts of San Francisco, of two domes based on the traditional technique of thin-tile vaulting. It consists of hand crafted masonry shells that sit on top of a high-tech seismic safety system.  The two interlocking domes were built of lightweight concrete tiles.  The system incorporates a layer of geogrid between its masonry layers to give the structure seismic resilience.  In addition, Michael devised a base isolation system that would satisfy California’s stringent building codes.

It is a collaboration with musicians Charming Hostess. The space provided an encounter for music concerts, rituals and encounters. The space can host 45 people at a time. The project was exhibited from June to October. The domes were built on top of a shaking table where it was tested to determine its structural behaviour and dismantled afterwards.

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